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Preparation is Everything.

Helping Minority Students Prepare for Personal and Professional Success

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Working From Home

Why We Exist

Disparities and gaps in accessibility affect confidence and are often a key driver of individual success. YourMentor partners with institutions that support student learning and growth to help better prepare students to take on and tackle real-life bias, discrimination and personal struggles.

Career Preparation

Writing Resumes and Cover Letter

Creating an In-Demand LinkedIn Profile

Preparing to Enter the Workforce

Managing Burnout and Dissatisfaction

Dealing with Prejudice

Identifying Microaggressions 

How to Shine in Underrepresented Spaces

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Overcoming Barriers to Promotion

Creating Your Own Personal Brand


Entrepreneurship Basics 

Small Business Marketing 101

Social Media Engagement 101

Business Planning & Creation


Healing with Journaling (for Mental Health)

Self-Care Practices to Help You Relax

Incorporating Daily Health and Wellness

Positive Thoughts & Affirmations for Internal Peace

Managing Stress

Life Preparation

Budgeting and Managing Money

Creating Safe and Inviting Spaces

Diversity (DEI) Training

Identifying Microaggressions 

Minority Perspectives

LGBTQIA+ Perspectives

Encouraging Express and Open Communication

Building a Culture of Belonging

Active Allyship

Bullying and Respect

Attracting and Hiring Diverse Talent

Leadership Training

Managing Unconscious Bias

How Leaders Can Support Black and Latino Employees

Student Support

Faculty Support

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