Brand audits are incredibly helpful for anyone looking to better connect with people, increase business profits or learn what it takes to build an engaging brand that people support and work with long-term.

Do you know that the most successful and profitable brands have deeply emotional connections to their customers, whether they're selling a product, a service or an ideal?


Brands winning and rapidly growing know both their market and their customers inside and out, and develop content that attracts, engages and coverts fickle followers to loyal brand consumers. But this doesn't happen by accident. It happens with a clear and sound strategy on how your brand can move from point A to point Z clearly and with less uncertainty and headache.

If you have an established brand, but are struggling to get leads or sales from your page or channel, or you're unsure of what types of content you should be posting, than a brand audit is for you.

Are you asking yourself any​ of these questions?

  • Am I posting the right stuff? Or, I have no clue what and when I should be posting.

  • How should I be telling people about my products and services?

  • What do my social media channels say about my business? Does my social media presence show the best representation of my brand?

  • Are the right people seeing my content?

  • What types of content should I be posting to get me to my brand goals?

  • I just need to know what I should change and how I can do better because I am frustrated.

  • I have a website, why aren't people buying from it?

If any of these questions sound familiar, a brand audit is right for you.


What is audited during a brand audit?

YourMentor brand audits look at your digital presence, primarily your social media accounts and your website.

On you website, we look at the design, graphics, words you're using (defined as your brand copy), content, and the overall flow of your website.


From their we analyze the overall brand experience that your website has and give you a rating from 1-10.


Then we move on to your social media channels. On there we look at everything. We make detailed observations and recommendations on things to immediately improve and change then we guide you through how to better connect with your target audience turn followers into customers.


On your social media channels, we audit the following:

  • Your handle, username and links

  • Your profile

  • Your branding

  • Your content

  • Your captions

  • Your hashtags

  • Your frequency and reach

  • Your stories

  • Your CTA (calls to action)

We then rate your social media channels from 1-10 and make recommendations on how to improve going forward.

What you leave with:

  • clarity on how to get to your goals

  • detailed rationale of why your brand hasn't taken off the way you'd like it to on social media

  • Recommendations on overall brand changes to both your website and social media channels that you should consider implementing and the types of content you should be posting to get you to your brand goals.


I was so frustrated with how my social media pages were performing - very few likes and views and hardly no one buying my products. This brand audit was so helpful. The audit that Keli did was a game changer for me. It helped me change my entire strategy and now we have tripped our profits."

- Charmika Hall, SkinTonic Studio

"Keli really gets brands. She has so much insight and expertise that I'm convinced she can transform any brand from struggling to thriving. I can't thank her enough for the brand audit and the year of consulting. I couldn't have done it without you."

-Melissa Jordan

I've worked with Keli for about two years now. She's my brand strategist and I wouldn't have it any other way. But it all started with that audit. I wish I'd had it sooner. Could have saved a lot of time, money and energy. Sigh. But Keli is the TRUTH. The book is just the beginning, get the real advantage is her as your mentor/coach/strategist. Whatever you wanna call it, you need her!"

- Devin Harrington, Fitness Trainer

You can monetize your brand through social media. Let YourMentor help you by showing you what you can improve.


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"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again."


—Abraham Maslow

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