Why aren't people buying your products or services?


▶ Are you something that is struggling to grow their business and build a continuous customer base that supports and purchases from you?

▶ Do you find it difficult getting consistent, predictable sales of your products or services?

▶ Do you have a website for your business but can't get people to actually purchase on it?

Here's why!


There are a lot of "marketing experts" who will overcomplicate the reasons why your business isn't seeing success and profit. But in reality, it's not complicated at all.

There are only three reasons why people aren't buying your products or services. Yep, only three. That might seem tough to believe, but every business challenge starts under one of these three categories.

1. People don't know you.

2. People don't like you.

3. People don't trust you.



You have to get in front of your target consumers, and the only way to do that is to develop a clear brand strategy that outlines how you plan to make your target audience aware of what you do and how you help them.


The foundation of brand growth is empathy. In order to connect with people, you have to show that you understand them and then tie that understanding back to your products and services and them through your content.


Today's buyers are more skeptical than ever. In order to convince today's buyers that you are worth investing in as a brand, you have to build and continue re-establishing trust.

Get all three of these right, and there's your million-dollar brand. 


If you sat back and thought, which category (or categories) does your brand fall into, what would they be? If you are struggling to convince people to buy what you sell and you're looking to really grow and monetize a brand, YourMentor.Co is here to help. We start with a brand audit and go from there.


Learn why you're not getting to your business goals and how to overcome those challenges so that you get more people converting to customers, and more people sharing your products.


"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again."


—Abraham Maslow

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