A Step-by-Step Guide On How to Showcase and Sell Your Best Self to Recruiters

Stop being overlooked. Stop feeling unprepared on uncertain when you apply for jobs. Gain the confidence to apply as a A+ candidate, then interview like an A+ candidate.

If you want to get hired these days for any available role, you have to put some effort into the process and you have to have a real game-plan because now that we're in a pandemic and unemployment has skyrocketed, the competition is more fierce than ever.

If you feel unsure about searching for jobs, your cover letter or resume, interviewing or following up, building a LinkedIn profile or completing writing assignments, than the Get Hired Job Prep Program is for you. 

Now (more than ever) you need to be prepared.

The YourMentor Career Readiness Program is a job-readiness and job retention training program that prepares people to enter or re-enter the workforce by providing guidance and training to make you successful in your future endeavors.


What's covered in this program

✓ Embarking on the Job Search: Determining what job right job for you

✓ Making a Good First Impression

✓ Sending your Application Online: What to Include (and What to Leave Out)

✓ How to Create a Resume that Passes Applicant Tracking Systems

✓ How best to showcase your skills and accomplishments on your resume (and what skills you can leave off)

✓ The Difference Between Soft Skills and Hard Skills, Plus How to Highlight Each


✓ Determining Whether You Need to Build a Resume Website or Online Portfolio, Plus How to Create and What to Include


✓ Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile to Impress Hiring Managers

✓All Things Social Media: Auditing Your Online Presence 


✓ Cover Letters That Wow Recruiters 

✓ Includes 2 Cover Letter Templates to plug in your accomplishments

✓ Preparing for Your Interview

✓ What to know about the company and how to shine by sharing that

✓ Interview questions and how to answer them

✓ Questions to ask during the interview

✓ Questions to ask at the end

✓ Video Interviewing: Things to Know


JUST ADDED: Preparing for and shining during remote interviews – techniques and tips


✓ Networking Online 


✓ Thank You Letters: When to send and what to say


✓ Writing Assignments

✓ Reviewing Job Offers and Negotiating


✓ Being successful once you land your dream job

Correctly prepare for interviews and learn how to showcase and sell your very best self. 


"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again."


—Abraham Maslow

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