What is a mentor? Do you need one?

"A mentor is someone that sees more talent and ability in you than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you."

- Bob Proctor

The dictionary defines a mentor as "an experienced and trusted advisor."

A mentor is an experienced individual who guides you through challenges by sharing their knowledge, past experiences and insight to help you overcome challenges and become more successful on a given path. Mentors have many years of experience in certain areas and are there to help you reach personal and/or professional goals.

Think about the questions you ask yourself in week. How many moments in a day do you bounce ideas off yourself or your friends looking for answers and solutions? Having a mentor helps close this gap.

Think of having a mentor as having a roadmap to success. A cheat sheet of sorts. It's an opportunity for self-reflection and growth.

What are some benefits of having a mentor?

  1. You have a trusted listening ear to ask your most challenging questions (and get sound, helpful answers).

  2. You learn from their experiences.

  3. You get endless encouragement (because it's true, you can do whatever you put your mind to).

  4. You're exposed to new ideas and possibilities.

  5. You become more confident as you develop weaknesses into strengths.

What is the role of the mentee?

  1. Use the time and opportunity to develop and learn new skills that will get you to your goals.

  2. Reflect on past scenarios and better understand how to do things differently in the future.

  3. Be courageous enough to try something different and unfamiliar in your pursuit of personal growth.

  4. View feedback as a opportunity for growth. Feedback really is a gift.

  5. Be prepared when it's time to meet and work on your goals. Have your topics and questions ready, as this will help ensure that you stay on track.

A mentoring relationship can get you to your goals years (sometimes decades) faster than on your own. The investment is for you. It's you making a promise to yourself to change for the better.

Questions to ask yourself to determine if you need a mentor:

  1. Do you feel stuck in a certain aspect of your life (i.e. job, business, etc.)?

  2. Do you have ideas

Mentors offer a space space for you to learn, stretch your imagination, and ask questions on things you wondered about or considered.

The truth is, no one succeeds in a vacuum; which means you need the support, feedback and resources of other, more knowledgeable experts to push you and get you to your goals. Mentorship is ideal for anyone ready to make real change and progress.

If mentorship sounds right for you, explore our mentoring options and programs below.

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"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again."


—Abraham Maslow

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