What Clients say about YourMentor:

Below are samples from several of our clients’ testimonials with whom YourMentor.Co have been working. You will find that our clients have been extremely satisfied by our expertise, knowledge, professionalism and guidance. They have also derived significant value from working with us. We are confident that you will as well.

On Business/Brand Growth


"Dear Keli,

I want to thank you and the whole YourMentor Consultants team. We came to you because we wanted help with increasing product sales, but left with so much insight and knowledge that we wouldn't otherwise have had. Not only did you show us why products weren't selling, but your advertising strategy increased our profits 6X in less than 5 months. You are truly incredible. This project was our first with you, but certainly not our last. Endless thank yous. You've saved our brand.

Thank you once again for being our mentor/coach/guide on this growth project, and we're looking forward to working with you on many more future projects."

C. Jackson, RMI Management Group


"I worked with Keli on my brand audit and it was transformational. Her knowledge is unreal. She was able to point out so many "missed opportunities" as she refers to them for selling, connecting, showing brand value and engaging with my customers. I am so grateful for her knowledge. We now work together regularly, and I honestly don't know where I'd be without her expertise."

A. Manning, Yoga Instructor/Wellness Educator


"My introduction to Keli and the YourMentor team started when a friend referred her because of a service they offer, which is a Brand Audit. During the Brand Audit, they identified so many areas that I could change and pointed out why my website wasn't getting sales. She pointed out things I'd never even thought about. After that audit, I felt to empower, but honestly still confused, so I decided to stick around for brand strategy with YourMentor.


Since then, we can't keep products on the shelf. Everything sells out (and quickly). I love and highly-recommend you work with YourMentor. It will make a huge difference."

F. Banes, Photographer and Video Creator

On Career Growth


"I lost my job as a result of the pandemic. I was devastated and overwhelmed. A friend recommended Keli and the YourMentor team, and looking back, they were a godsend. I was unprepared with the process of job hunting. I didn't feel comfortable interviewing and my resume was outdated and flat out ugly. The Job Readiness program was so helpful in getting me prepared to put myself back on the job market. It gave me the confidence to interview, and I'm happy to say that after just two months of looking, I got 3 job offers. DURING A PANDEMIC. It's crazy! I highly-recommend this program and having YourMentor as a coach. Thank you so very much."

M. Belview., Senior Project Management Professional



"This was the exact right program to help me during my recent job transition. It doesn't feel good when you don't feel qualified or like you can compete in the job market. It's so competitive and that was overwhelming to me. But when I connected with YourMentor, I immediately felt like I was a safe place. All the stress just went away. I learned how to do special job searches in little know places, plus I got a new cover letter and resume. I got a second interview within 2 weeks of looking and I'd never gotten to that stage on my own. So grateful."

J. Duggar, Client Relationship Manager


On Life Growth


"Keli and team have been pivotal in my helping me get out of my own way. I knew my habits were keeping be back, but having someone to talk to and grow with made such a big difference. I'm clear on my career ambitions now, I've gotten much healthier, and I'm in the process of reclaiming my life. If you feel stuck, look no further than Keli and the YourMentor team."

K. Flan, Marketing Executive



"I reached out to YourMentor when I realized I was in the wrong job and as a result I was miserable. Working with Keli, I was able to quickly identify my dream career and determine the continuing education and certification I would need to make this dream and reality. She walked me through everything. Keli also helped me figure out how to create new streams of income to finance my education and support my family. She helped me figure out how to create and manage my online presence expertly to attract new opportunities. I highly-recommend Keli and YourMentor to anyone who is looking to make a career transition or enter a new profession.”

N. Daniels, Finance Professional


"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again."


—Abraham Maslow

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